It All Adds Up

I don’t know how often I hear varients of: “Gee I wish I had the time to…”

The truth is, things will never happen if we don’t MAKE time for them. The things that we really want to do, that is.  My life as a working (self-supporting) artist did not come in an instant.  I worked at part time jobs while in school, and when I got out, I worked at more jobs, slowing shifting the balance of time, from day job to art making. I couldn’t wait for “inspiration” to come knocking on my door when I usually only had a few hours here and there to go to my studio.  To paraphrse the great line from Field of Dreams,  if you show up at the easel, inspiration will come.

“But I have a full time job!” you cry in anguish!  Well, I’ll bet you have an unaccounted hour somewhere everyday. Maybe it’s when you’re having your coffee, or maybe it’s when you are watching TV.  You’d be suprised at how much you can get accomplished in an hour a day. Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you.

Till later,

Anne B


2 thoughts on “It All Adds Up

  1. oved looking at and reading your blog. I too started a blog – 2010 New Year’s resolution. May I add your site to my ‘Sites I love’ on my blog?

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