Without a plan we’re just chasing our tails!


Yesterday afternoon we watched as several bunnies were chasing through the garden. They jumped over one another first running this way, then that way.  Who knows WHERE they were headed.?  I don’t think that they did. 

When I start a painting, I find it useful to have several things in place before I start.  Even before the image is selected, I like to think about what emotional content I have in mind for a painting. That guides my image selection, or in the case of a still life, what objects I select, what color palette I would use, and the relationship of objects to one another.  The moving around of objects is a big part of the process.  In a sense, it’s my first preliminary sketch.

In the class I taught last weekend, The Passionate Still Life, I created a set-up that was based on a conflict that had just come up that morning (and NO I’m not going to tell you about it!).  I realized I needed strong colors, and something that would create a sense of separation.  I am adding new images of the resulting painting as I continue to work on it. Check out the “painting progression page”  to see it’s progress.

till next time….


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