Post project rituals

After completing a project, like preparing for a big show, I always have some post-project rituals I like to perform. No, no, there are no animal or human sacrifices, howling at the moon, or any of that sort of ritual.  It’s more like putting away all the things and STUFF that has piled up on all the horizontal surfaces in my (very large) studio, sweeping up horrendous amounts of cat hair, dirt, and general dust bunnies, and maybe even mopping the floor. Then I take a deep breath, deliver my paintings to the gallery, have a pajama day (or two)  and start thinking about and making schedules for the next project.

Truth be told, there really isn’t time for a nice long relaxing break this time of year. My shows and events seem to cluster between late June and early December, and really, that works fine for the most part.  So much of being a working artist is about finding the schedule and organizational gambits that allow you to be the most productive.  I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but really, the most successful artists and writers I know get that way by just showing up at the studio and getting down to work.  I do know disorganized artist who do fabulous work, but they seem more tortured than strictly neccessary.  It’s possible that what works for them is not what works for me: a nice shot of panicked adrenalin to spur them on. Yahoo.

I’m posting the final stage of “The Rites of Spring” today. Yay! Pajama Day tomorrow!!!!


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