One of the tricky/interesting/frustrating things about trying to make your living in the creative fields, is that you have to wear many different hats.  Not only do you have to make the work, you need to think about presentation, marketing, shipping, packaging and office support.  In addition to those things, if your work is multi-directional, such as painting and printmaking, you have to find a balance between those parts of your art-work-equation.  Now I’ve added a third element, children’s book illustration.  I think this is a natural outgrowth of my increasing interest in narrative as a part of my paintings.  The printmaking part of my art business has been on a downturn lately.  So my interest in illustration comes at a good time, or is it that the illustration/story telling part of my brain has been pushing to make room for itself?  I don’t really know the answer, only that my creative mind works best when I listen to what it’s telling me to do, and try to follow the intuitive leaps.

I think that by following where these directions want to lead me, they also lead me back to painting, and cause changes to happen in what I chose to paint, and how I chose to paint it.  This is all very philosophical, but that’s OK too.  The important thing for me has always been to keep to brushes or pencils moving, and through the physical act of painting, figuring it out where it all leads.

And then, of course, there are the pandas.

Keep painting.


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