The Anne x2 Anne-ual Newsletter is here!

The Anne x2 Anne-ual Newsletter

Studio Sale Friday November 26th and Saturday November 27th

10 AM till 4 PM both days

5131 Blacktail Lane

Driving instructions at the end!

It’s hard to believe that 9 years have gone by since moving into my new studio, so I guess that means it’s not so new anymore.  The “Anne Show” as we like to call it has turned out to be one of my favorite shows of the year.  That is partly because it makes me clean my studio thoroughly and put things away at least once a year, but primarily because it’s a very relaxed show where friends drop by to say hello and see what we have been up to, whether they are in the market for new art or not.  (Also, since it’s at my studio, I don’t have to schlep paintings out and back to the car.  We take gifts where we can find them.)  The first show took place a month after I moved in, in 2001, as a motivation to get all my belongings put away. It worked, and it was fun, so we’ve been doing it ever since then.

On to the news…

This year has been no less busy than years past. I shared a show with my good friend Georgia Gerber, at Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor.  My theme was “Froggwell Garden in Four Seasons.”  I have used Froggwell as artistic inspiration many times, and the idea of doing a show that celebrated all seasons in the garden had been in my mind for a while.

Speaking of Froggwell, the 6th Froggwell Biennale was a huge success, which was something of a (very happy) surprise in these challenging times.  We had great weather, and wonderful art, and if you missed it this year, make sure you put it on your calendar for next year.  Actually, next year will be another “alternate theme show” devised, directed, and developed by Mr. Froggwell. Last year he came up with the idea of a forgery show, where artists did copies of paintings by their favorite artist.  It was so popular, that he’s decided to do another one next year, but with the 1913 New York Armory Show as the parameters for selection by the forgers.  He’s calling it the 98th anniversary of the Armory Show, as anyone can do a 100th anniversary show!   Robin Obata has been posting information on the show and the artists who exhibited in 1913, on a blog;  It also provides a link to the University of Virginia site devoted to the Armory Show.

I taught a class at The Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio, in Langley in May 2010.  My students wanted to see the finished version of the painting that I started as a demonstration during class, so I started posting a progression on my blog, and have continued posting other paintings as I work on them.  You can find these in the “pages” on the right side of the blog.  This is one of my most recent paintings shown as a progression.

It will be exhibited at Patricia Rovzar Gallery in their annual group show.

Following the theme of showing with friends that I have known and respected for a long time, I had a two person show with Joan Govedare at The Rob Schouten Gallery at Greenbank Farm in September.  Rob and his wife Victory have created a wonderful exhibition space, and I love the energy of Greenbank Farm.  This is a large open space that was once a farm producing loganberry wine.  When the winery de-accessioned the property, it was in danger of becoming a 500-house development.  Thanks to a bunch of hard working people with a vision, and a conservation futures grant from Island County, the Whidbey Land Trust, and other conservation groups, the land was acquired by the county for open space and local commercial development in the existing buildings. If you haven’t been there, go have lunch at the pie café and walk the trails.

I also have been exhibiting in several group shows at the new Brackenwood Gallery in Langley.  I will be having a two person show there next September with textile artist Cheryl Kamera. She creates scarves and wraps using a shibori dye technique. Rich colors and textures of her work should be a good match with my paintings.  Anne Waterman and Rene Neff have done a wonderful job making the new incarnation of the gallery a beautiful space in which to view (and buy!) art.

On to the Pandas!!!!!

While I still have not managed to convince any publishers that my panda cartoons are worthy of being published, I’m having a ball writing and drawing the cartoons, which give me a chance to make fun of just about everything. When the going gets tough, the tough embrace their inner pandas.  One of the cartoons has found it’s way into an actual book.  Henry Nicholls has just published a book called The Way of the Panda. It is a historical and cultural look at pandas from their “discovery” in the late 1800’s and their relationship with China’s emergence as a cultural and economic power.  Plus there is some really great “panda gossip,” not to mention my cartoon.

I have been continuing work on my quest to enter the world of children’s book illustration.  To date, I have samples of my work on file with 7 publishers.  While this has not yet translated to an actual illustration job, I do feel that by being in the files, which I update every 3-6 months, I will eventually get an assignment.  I have also been working on my own story, which I hope to have ready to start sending out by the end of the year.  Pandamorphsis is a fantasy, which draws from old (The Cat and the Hat) and new (David Weisner’s Tuesday) ideas in picture books.  I’ve been working on the rough drawings, doing some tweaking here and there and have recently started on the finished artwork.  It will have over 40 individual drawings by the time I’m done. Created in the form of a wordless picture book it stars a cat, pandas, (of course) and investigates the idea that getting your fondest wish can have unintended repercussions. Who would have guessed that all that time I spent watching panda videos on you-tube would actually turn out to be RESEARCH!

What you’ll find at the sale!

Anne Belov:  Paintings, monoprints, panda cards, including this year’s holiday card. Available at the show individually, and in sets.  Can’t make the show, but still want pandas?  Contact me via the coment function on this blog and I’ll send you information on ordering panda cards.  If you want them to send out in time for this year, please contact me by November 22nd.

I also still have some of my costers and placemats made with hand printed (by me) papers.

There are bargains to be had, that are only available during my once a year studio show, so you’ll have to show up to find out what they are!

To get to the studio…. Ok, you’ve read this far, now I’ll tell you how to get here!  From 525 Northbound, turn right onto Newman Rd and then after a mile or there about, turn right onto maple Glen Rd.  Go uphill about ½ mile, then turn left onto Blacktail Lane. 5131 is the 4th drive on the left. There will be a sign.

From the North, you can turn left onto Double bluff RD, or go through Freeland till you get to Newman RD (left at the condominiums), and then turn left onto Maple Glen Rd and continue as from the southbound directions.

Hope to see you at the show!

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4 thoughts on “The Anne x2 Anne-ual Newsletter is here!

  1. This looks great! i’ll try to come and I love this panda drawing that could be in a book with lovely light. Of course I also want to embrace my inner panda. I could have used that Tuesday night when I was listening to the election returns on the radio!

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