A new stage of “In the Time of Peonies”

I just posted an update of my current painting in progress, “…In the Time of Peonies” to that page.  Hope you like it.

Well we are almost through the first month of what will prove to be an interesting and probably challenging year.  It seems that we can’t just keep doing what has worked before and hope that it will all come out right in the end, because that is probably not the case.  So here’s what’s on my plate for this year.  Less “big” shows, meaning that I save most of my output for the year and have one big show, keeping my fingers crossed that there are no:

1. Dire weather events the week before the opening.

2. Political upheavals or terrorists attacks

3. Financial debacles

Instead, smaller amounts of work will be going out to the galleries that represent me, leaving me a little more flexible as to allocations of work, depending on “where it’s happening.” I’m also taking this opportunity to do a little directional shift, and put some time and energy into a children’s book illustration project that I’ve been working on and off on for over a year.  More writing, more contemplation, staying in tune and in touch with my inner compass. Of course there will be pandas.

Keep painting!

Anne B.


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