I thought I was at the Tate Museum in London, but….

I was walking through the Musee` D’Orsey and then…no wait…maybe I’m at the Tate in London, or no, maybe I’m at the National Gallery …oh now I see! I’m at the Freeland Library!  Yes those are “real” paintings, They’re just not done by the painters that you thought did them!  The Froggwell Cultural Institute (Freeland’s most well kept secret) has loaned it’s collection of “forgeries” of some of the great paintings of western culture to the Freeland library, in beautiful downtown Freeland Washington.  Many of the paintings were done by local artists, although we did reel in a few artists from across the country to join in the fun.

The first Forgeries at Froggwell show, in 2009, was a bit of a free-for-all, in that you could copy any painting you wanted, as long the original artist was not just merely dead, but sincerely dead.  This summer, international art forgery returns to Froggwell Garden as we re-create the 1913 New York Armory Show.  This exhibition so inflamed the New York Art World of the early 20th century that there were pickets and political cartoons protesting the show. Will we get protesters in Freeland this summer? I guess we’ll see!

Till next time,

Anne B.


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