Art Biz, here I come

Just a reminder that the ArtBiz conference at Edmonds Community College is tomorrow and Saturday, and I will be giving a presentation on “production planning”  Sounds exciting, no?  Well if you haven’t got a plan, you’re swimming upstream without a paddle.  Here’s a couple of stories that illustrate the importance of being ahead of the game.

Story 1:  When I was in 4th grade, I got so behind on my math homework that I got sick, getting even farther behind.  Is there a happy ending? I don’t know, as I’ve repressed a lot of my childhood, but let’s just say, I never became a math whiz.

Story 2: In December of 2006, I was preparing to be in a group show.  A week and a half before the show, we had a big snowstorm, and while out walking in the winter wonderland, I slipped and broke my ankle.  Did I miss the show?  Nope.  I had all my paintings labeled, framed, boxed up, with the price list all ready to go, more than 2 weeks ahead of time.  I was able to tell a friend where the paintings and information were, and they picked up my work and delivered it.  Yay.

That’s why you need a plan!


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