The final installment: Time management for artists!

In the Days of Peonies

It is fitting that, in a series about time management, that I would finally put up the final images of my most recent painting in progress, which had been in progress for quite sometime.  I have to point out, in my own defense, that I had been working on a commission I had gotten, and trying to finish the illustrations for Pandamorphosis.  So, here is the final installment on time management.

I’d like to close with some thoughts about planning for your year’s work.

Yearly Review / Next year’s work goals

Doing a review of goals for the upcoming year, as well as checking in with last year’s plans has become a favorite ritual for me.  I get together with an artist friend right around the beginning of the year, and we set out our work goals in writing.  Sometime we include personal goals as well, but it is primarily a chance to make our intentions for our creative work known, to ourselves as well as each other.  Somehow that process of writing things down helps to make them more concrete as well as more organized.

I try to buy a calendar that has several blank pages in the front or back and I use this area to write down my yearly goals, using a different page for each part of my “art empire.”  These different listing may include:

1. Exhibitions: how many, how much work do I need for each one, when are they?

2. Children’s books: current projects, portfolio sample updates, conferences to attend, submitting work for review.

3. Cartoons: new ideas, new submissions

4. Blogs: goals for posting

5. printmaking projects

 The Internet is not your BFF.

I know, I know. We can’t live without it, but with our busy lives and our desire to make art and maybe make a living from it, we have no choice but to be vigilant with our time. Use the computer and internet as a tool, not as your best friend with whom you must check in 20 times a day.  Set a timer, if you have to.  Those of you who do their work on the computer must be even more vigilant.  Your time is a precious resource. Don’t wast it!

I hope this information will be helpful, as you set up your own work plan. Keep up the good work, and let me know how it goes.


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