there is nothing new under the sun…

Is it real, or is it not?

Someone famous once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  I can’t recall who this quote is from, but it’s as true in painting as in anything else.  Somebody else also said painting is dead, but that is definitely NOT true.  At the Froggwell Cultural Institute, there has already been one show devoted to copies of masterworks.  Now another one is in the planning (and hopefully painting) stages.  This one is specifically paintings that appeared in the 1913 New York Armory Show.  The 1913 exhibition was considered scandalous in its day, although there quite a number of works that today would be considered quite tame.  I’m hoping we can create a scandal or two in conjunction with the show!

The Froggwell Cultural Institute is also preparing to mount another show at the Freeland Library, on Whidbey Island.  These will be Pacific Northwest landscapes, many done by Island artists, but some from the Skagit Valley and beyond.  A catalog  will have all the paintings in the show, plus art historical paintings that are “kindred spirits” if you will, to the paintings in the collection.  Comparing paintings from different time periods is a long tradition in art history classes, which I would be more familiar with if I didn’t fall asleep every time the lights went out to show slides.  While the Director General of the Cultural Institute did not have the opportunity to study art history in college, he is making some wonderful and astute connections between paintings of the past and present.

The 98th Anniversary Exhibition of the Armory Show (anyone can do a 100th anniversary show, but it takes true genius to do a 98th) will take place at Froggwell Gardens on Whidbey Island July 29-31 2011.  The Froggwell Cultural Institute maintains a blog with information on the Armory show you might want to check out.

Northwest Landscapes from the Froggwell collection will be exhibited at the Freeland public library during the month of October 2011. Don’t miss it!


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