Living Close to Home

In the Kitchen: Monoprint on Paper

There’s a lot of talk these days about the “locavore” movement, mostly dealing with issues of food consumption, and how far our food travels to reach our table.  Because I live on an Island; granted, not a deserted one, or an inaccessible one, but an island never the less, I think about this issue a lot.  We do need a ferry to leave the island, at least at the south end.  A number of my friends wail about the high price of things here on the island, but again, we have to come back to our goals and intentions. (Not to mention time management. THAT again?)  So the questions I pose to myself (and others if they want to hear it) are these:

1. How much time and ferry tolls am I willing to spend to get something cheaper? and just how much cheaper is it really?

2. Do I want this service to continue to exist so that I don’t HAVE to leave the island to fill my car with gas or buy food?

3. If I expect people who live here to buy my work, doesn’t it stand to reason that I should patronize their business?

Now, I’m not saying that if something that I want or need can’t be found here, I won’t go off island or buy it from a catalog or online.  But if I want a particular book, I’ll go to my favorite bookseller on the island and order it from her, and only go to Amazon if she can’t get it for me.  I love the person to person interaction that small town/island life brings. Isn’t it worth a few bucks to keep it vital?  I consider my time a precious resource as well, so for me it’s a no brainer.  ( This still doesn’t mean that I won’t eat asparagus in February, though.  I never claimed to be perfect.)


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