Retiring Personalities….

Lost in a Book - Monoprint

I don’t think I am a work-a-holic, nevertheless…..  I can’t imagine a time when I will not want to work in my studio at or very close to, the intensity I do now.  In recent months, several of my friends in their early to mid 60’s have stated that they want to, if not exactly retire, to ratchet their art careers down significantly.  I feel like, I just finally got good at this, which should increase my marketability, wouldn’t you think?  So why would I think about retiring?  I suppose in the next decade or so, I might change my thinking on this, but then I think about Pablo Casals and Beatrice Wood. I think Wood was going out to her studio every day until her death at around 103.  I want that to be me. It is unlikely that I will want to take up golf or knitting.  Wait, I know! I could take up painting!!!!!  Oh yeah.  Don’t quit your day job.


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