Pandamorphosis nears completion

where did all those pandas come from?

I can’t believe I’m almost finished.  It still remains to be seen whether this flight of fancy will remain a pipe dream, or whether I can actually find a publisher for my wordless picture book.  One thing is certain. I have had way too much fun thinking about and drawing these illustrations.

The final book is quite a different thing than my original idea. My first thought was a story of a girl who loved pandas so much that she adopted one on the zoo website, and it came to live with her and her family.  She also had a cat who was very jealous.  As I started plotting out the storyboard and trying to create images, it just didn’t seem to have enough life to it.  I thrashed around that idea for a while, and it finally evolved into something quite different.  Think Metamorphosis crossed with The Cat in the Hat, except with pandas.  Or 101 Dalmatians (with pandas). anyway, you get the picture.

Stay tuned for further developements.


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