And the beat goes on…..

Other Rooms; Oil on Linen


I had a fun “sit down” the other day with a young friend who just completed graduate school for painting.  I’ve known her since, well, since before she was born, since I went to graduate school with her mother.  (Of course I was only 4 when I was in grad school, so it’s not like I’m old enough to be her mother, is it?)  Any way, it’s been a wonderful experience watching this young woman grow up and discover painting, and then decide to go for it.  She’s going to stay back east in Baltimore and, having found a fabulous live/work studio space, do the restaurant job thing at night and paint in the day.  I don’t know whether to be envious of the excitement of the beginning of someone’s creative road, or incredibly relieved that I don’t have to do that part of MY journey over.  I think mostly I’m relieved.  I have my dream studio, and (mostly, except for this damn economy) make my living from painting.  Life IS good.  And it keeps on going no matter what we do. (Predictions of world end, notwithstanding)


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