The Anne-ual Report

As From Above / Oil on Linen / Anne Belov

Well, it’s that time once again, as I get ready for the Anne x 2 show, held in my studio on Thanksgiving weekend.  As part of this extravaganza between Anne Davenport and myself, we each write about what we’ve been up to the last year in and out of our studios.  Actually neither of us spends much time out of our studios, so that should cut the the time you have to spend reading this a bit, I should think.

On with the report:

In my quest to stay positive, I can’t really say what I thought about this year, but it actually has had some bright spots.  1st on the list are, of course, the pandas.  As part of an effort to get more than 2 readers a week on my blog, I joined Facebook and joined several panda fan(atic) groups.  I say that with all due respect and not a little affection for the people that I regularly interact with there.  It is wonderful to know that there are quite a few folks out there that are as nuts about pandas as I am.  The information that they share, as well as pictures and videos has been fun and informative.  And, my cunning plan has worked.  Bob The Panda and friends have many more readers now than they did a year ago.  Thanks guys!  I’m hoping that the readership will continue to grow to the point that I can either get a publisher to see the error of their ways and give me and Bob a contract, or that I have enough readership to make self-publishing the cartoons an option.

Also as a result of FB, I have crossed paths with Pandas International (the real one, not my cartoon version) and one of my cartoons will grace the invitations for their upcoming auction early next year.  I am also being listed as a “corporate sponsor” on their website.  Pretty funny, huh? This is particularly swell, because I have started an online store on Cafe Press called Pandyland, to sell stuff with ( get ready) panda cartoons on them. Pretty neat, don’t you think?  You can visit my new store (and BUY stuff with pandas on them) at See the link in the “links section”

Also in the realm of pandas, I mostly finished my wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis.  I say mostly because I thought it was finished, but then because of previewers comments and a critique with an editor, I decided a few drawings needed to be revised, so I am doing that now. The manuscript is out at several publishers, most likely sitting in a big pile of other manuscripts.  I will wait to send out more till I am done with my revisions.

I had several shows this year.  My main show was at Brackenwood Gallery in Langley.  I shared the show with friend Cheryl Kamera, textile artist extraordinaire. It was a riot of color, as both our works are quite unrestrained of palette.  I also took part in the 98th anniversary exhibition of the 1913 New York Armory show, held at the Froggwell Cultural Institute. This was a lot of fun.  About 24 artists participated, doing forgeries of works in the original Armory show.  Apparently a 100th anniversary show is in the works in NYC, but we did it first!.  (ANYONE can do a 100th anniversary show!)  I was also in several group exhibitions at the Rob Schouten Gallery in Greenbank WA, as well as part of the regular gallery artists exhibitions at Waterworks in Friday Harbor.  My work was also included in 2 exhibits at the Freeland Library, where I also did several presentations and a class on hand printing techniques.

What you will see at the Anne x 2 show:

Many things, starting with the letter “P” including paintings, prints, and pandas.  I have many wonderful paintings available that are just dying to have a new wall on which to hang.  also monoprints, etchings, and what-not. Special deals are always on offer at this show only, as my whim dictates from moment to moment.  Perhaps a special deal to the first 5 people who arrive Friday morning, I haven’t decided yet, but be assured there will be SOMETHING that will make you be glad you showed up!  I have ordered a few items from my Pandyland Store for your shopping convenience.  There are also cards with pandas for all occasions.

If you are not already on our mailing list, please contact me via this blog for directions to the studio.  we are on Whidbey Island which is across the sound from Everett WA and about 45 min. north of Seattle.  You can read Anne Davenport’s blog (and her update if she’s written it yet) at :

Hope to see you on November 25th and 26th (Friday and Saturday) from 10 AM till 4 PM


2 thoughts on “The Anne-ual Report

  1. This is one case where we don’t have to doubt the “something for everyone” phrase. Good grief. From panda cartoons to exquisite fine art. You’ve gone to the extremes, Anne. What’s next? No. Don’t tell us. Keep the suspense…

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