Don’t mean to nag, but

anne x 2 card

As I move into the final chores in tidying my studio for this Anne-ual event, I reflect on the year past, and think about the New Year looming on the horizon.  I think I need to pause and thank all of my friends and supporters.  The older we get, the more our friends fall prey to those things we would rather not think about.  I am thankful for the healing that is taking place in some of my friends, say farewell to others, and send out hope into the universe for the friends with new diagnoses of life threatening illnesses.  Our lives are so busy, and if we don’t take the initiative to keep those connections, it is so easy to lose track of those we care about, so easy to lose hope. I would so like to see those of you who are within shouting distance of Whidbey Island during this Anne-ual celebration of Art, Friends, and Community here.  We would so much like to see you this season.  Come by and tell us how you are.

If you need directions, send them through the comment feature here, or through my email address.


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