Plate #5 Burnt Sienna, 5th layer of print

plate 5 This is the fifth plate that was printed.  The ink is a semi transparent burnt sienna.  You can see how it’s all starting to line up, except of course where it doesn’t.  I usually wait till I’m completely done printing all the plates to see where I need to fix it.  As we like to say, you can always fix it in the hand coloring, but it’s best if the adjustments are small.  I think I mentioned that after I print the 2nd plate, instead of lining up the plate face up on the registration template, and placing the paper face down (also lined up on the registration grid) I put the paper face up and then lower the plate face down onto the print.  This way I can make tiny shifts in the plates position to get things to line up within the print.  It’s great when it works, nerve wracking when it doesn’t.  I make attempts to leave a little “wiggle room” when I design and make the plates, so that I have 1/16 to 1/8 inch of slack in my positioning.

Originally I was thinking to print this plate as blue, but then changed my mind to keep the colors in a more narrow range.  The next plate is purple and so things will start to sharpen up.  The last plate, which I will print in black will theoretically snap it all into focus.  we shall see.


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