Plates 6 and 7 woohoo!

Plate 6, red violet

This plate is primarily made using a stencil and the spray splatter technique.  I really like this and can see how I can refine the idea even further in future prints, but gradually increasing or decreasing the size of the opening as I continue to add spatter .  It would be a little like Stephen McClelland’s technique of doing a graduated “creeping” etch in his aquatints.  Just a little.

While I like this image as it is now, I really like having the strong contrast of  a black key plate.  In this case, I added a small amount of purple into the black ink, to temper it a little.

The final print "One of Many" 7 plate lithograph Anne Belov 2011

I will probably add a few layers of monotype to the print (as I can rarely leave well enough alone) but I won’t do this for 4 or 5 days, as I like to give the black ink time to dry.  I did add a small amount of cobalt drier so that it will not take too long.  I really like Graphic Chemical’s Shop Mix Black as it is a really deep, rich black, but it does take a while to dry.

I will set these posts up as a page , so that the sequence is in order and it will stay on the site for a while.  Look for it soon.


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