Getting Back to work…..

After a fall when I finally succumbed to being completely bummed out, resulting in way too much time on FB, I have taken myself in hand and am knuckling down and getting back to work.

When I was in school, we used to paint on anything that would stand still, and I grew fond of shellacked paper as a painting surface.  If you mount it securely on a board, and with archival glue, it’s just as good as a stretched canvas, and gives a very different and fun painting surface.  It’s got a little texture and “drag” on the brush, but not so intrusive as even fine weave canvas or portrait linen.  An added bonus is that I can do an underpainting in watercolor, then shellack it, and then start my color layers over the shellacked surface.  I photographed it with some of the drawing showing through here. and the next photo shows it with the black and white (also called a grisaille) underpainting completed.

It’s not really that red, and there is a weird shadow from my easel, but I’ll do a better job next photo.


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