Day 2 of the Kickstarter Project…Hooray! someone likes me!

Facade / Anne Belov / Monoprint on Paper

  Here is another of the monoprints (along with Porta Nove, which appeared yesterday) that is in my Italian Monoprint Series.

But what I think I want to talk about today, is the idea of stretching my boundaries, at least when it come to what I have to do to get the news of my artwork out to the world.  One of the requirements of the Kickstarter project is to make a video, to introduce yourself.   A video?!!!  I don’t want to do a video.  I don’t even have a video camera, and besides, who wants to see a middle aged woman talking about herself?  But then I started looking at all of the different ways that people approached the ways you could do a video, and I realized that it didn’t have to be me on camera talking about myself.  I could be a little more creative than that, and have some fun, and learn something new in the process, which will actually come in handy down the line.  If you haven’t already been there, you can see my video at:

Let me know what you think.

PS: Thanks to my very first backers on Kickstarter (and you know who you are)  Your support means more than I can say.


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