Entering the Kickstarter doldrums…..

I am well into the second week of my Kickstarter project, at least as far as the gathering of the faithful in support of my project.  The actual work won’t start till the end of May, other than preparations for the trip, and perhaps some work on making the hand-bound portfolios, which I can do before I go to Italy.  I will take some photos of a previous portfolio project that I did to contain work of 8 printmakers who all participate in the Froggwell Biennale.  The F.B. (as opposed to “Facebook”) started as a showcase of hand-printed printmaking work, and quickly grew to encompass sculpture and painting as well.  It’s a wonderful show, in a very unique setting.  If you are in the Seattle Metro area, it’s well worth the trip.  I’ve started (yet another) blog to share news of the show and participating artists at http://froggwell.wordpress.com

Any way, about those doldrums, I mentioned just a minute ago…now that many of my friends have signed on to the project (thank you, thank you, again) the responses have slowed down.  So, with only 22 days to go, I am somewhat stalled at about 25%.  Do check out my project, if you haven’t already.   Also, I will start posting about this year’s show at Froggwell Gardens ….soon.

Procrastinators, unite!


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