Tooting Your Own Horn: 13 More days on my Kickstarter Project.

Among the many cultural things that make it harder for women to get ahead, is the childhood myth told to all girls, “No one likes a show off.”  As we get older, at least for me, and I’ll bet lots of other women in the arts, that translates to: Just sit there quietly and wait for someone to notice you.  My friends will tell you that I’ve given up false modesty and when asked, I will tell you that I’m very good at what I’ve spent the last 40 years doing.  Unfortunately, I have not made that leap in many of my professional dealings.  I sometimes wonder if I would have gotten farther, faster up the gallery ladder being a little more outspoken about where I think the artist/gallery relations need to go, as opposed to sitting there quietly and hoping they will schedule a show, if I just wait patiently.

So here I am with only 13 days to go on my Kickstarter project, wondering if enough people will pledge so that I receive this funding.  A good friend sent out this email to HER email list, and I hope she doesn’t mind that I am copying it here.  When I read it, I had one of those moments …you know the one.  It’s when this really good looking man waves to you from across the room, and you turn around because you think, he can’t possibly be waving at me! But there is no one behind you, and indeed, he is coming across the room toward you.

So, here’s what she wrote:

Have you ever wanted to be a patron of the arts? Now you can. 

Please consider supporting my dear friend Anne Belov’s Kickstarter project to attend a painting workshop in Italy. Besides eternal gratitude from Anne, your support gets you original monoprints.<
Why Anne — besides her wonderful monoprints and paintings? See her work:<> 

Anne is the real deal. She has dedicated her life to being an artist with the discipline, creativity, intelligence, humor, and eccentricity it takes to succeed. She paints lush still life and landscapes, and translates many of those images into equally gorgeous monoprints.
After 35 years of showing up in her studio whether she felt like it or not, I’d say she deserves our support to continue to bring her vision to us through her artwork. This is professional development for her to learn a specific painting technique, be stimulated by her colleagues, paint and photograph images to inspire future artworks, and of course, to enjoy being in Italy.

I hope you’ll send her a couple of bucks. I’m going to. Just make sure you do it before the end of the month. And feel free to share this message with your art loving friends.

So, thanks from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you all will follow her suggestion and check out my project.  And if you support, I thank you again, not to mention will send you some pretty swell art, if I do say so myself.


2 thoughts on “Tooting Your Own Horn: 13 More days on my Kickstarter Project.

    • I don’t think she would mind at all (and neither would I!) as I know she really wants to help all she can, and she was sending this out to her group of acquaintances who might be interested. Thanks for the great thought.

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