In Praise of Excellence….

Well, I’m not actually talking about myself this time…but I am talking about another Kickstarter Project.  This time the project under consideration is one started by my good friends, and cheese pushers, Tom and Vicky Brown.  I guess I need to start with a little history, or perhaps blathering as one of my friends would say, but I think the information is relevant.

Whidbey Island is an amazing place just outside of Seattle.  It attracts all kinds of folks, but most notable in the last 30 years or so has been a diaspora of artists, coming from just about everywhere.  It’s a beautiful place, so it’s no wonder.  There is also still much land that is suitable for small scale agriculture.  I am proud to say, that at our local food bank, there is a very large organic garden that provides produce for the food bank.

One of the things that sometimes happens when someone moves here, is that often other members of their family follow.  (Sometimes people are happy about this, sometimes not.)  The family under discussion here is the Taves family.  Sue Taves (sculptor) moved here to pursue her art (see the most recent Froggwell post at  ) and Sue’s sister Vicky, along with Vicky’s husband Tom, followed not long after.  Vicky had a dream, and that was to run a little herd of goats, and start a creamery to produce goat cheese.  It took them 7 years to get a dairy built and get everything approved, so that they could sell it commercially for a price such that they would only be somewhat behind in the product = revenue equation.

To make an interminable story somewhat shorter, let me just tell you that Vicky and Tom Brown have recently launched a project on Kickstarter to build an aging room (for the cheese, not themselves, they are getting old fast enough as it is), build classroom space, and build a small retail space.  (I think this is so after you see how much work it is to make cheese, that you just give in and buy some while you are there.)  The link to get to their project (and video of incredibly adorable baby goats leaping about) is;

And just so that I can remind you that it IS actually all about me, let me tell you that my art and poster design was just selected for this year’s Bayview Farmers Market.  (Sorry if you wanted to be the first to make this announcement, but you didn’t tell me I couldn’t, so I did…put it in the prospectus for next year.)  And here it is!

2012 Bayview Farmers Market Poster//Anne Belov //all rights reserved

Give their project a look, and if you are so inclined and able, support it.  And if you happen to be on Whidbey Island any time between late April and late October, stop by the Bayview Farmers Market, and then go to the Little Brown Farm‘s booth, and see if you don’t think this is the best cheese you ever ate.



4 thoughts on “In Praise of Excellence….

  1. I live just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Whidbey. They have a HUGE writing community. Names like Elizabeth George and Andrea Hurst roll off the tongue, easy-like when you’re there.

    • Well, I hope I run into you at :
      A) The Little Brown Farm’s booth at Bayview, where I will be scarfing down samples) and
      B) at the Froggwell Biennale August 3-5 2012.
      PS I was at one of your sessions at the Whidbey MFA winter sessions in January. I look forward to meeting you somewhere on Whidbey (If it ever stops raining before we all wash away.)
      And don’t forget Deb Lund and Nancy Horan. You can hardly throw a rock without hitting a writer, and artist or a yoga instructor.

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