Back in town and ready to print!

Greetings from the extremely jet lagged!

I just returned from 3 weeks in Italy and boy are my arms tired….wait that’s for my other persona’s blog.

For those who have been following this blog, you may remember that earlier this year I created a successful Kickstarter project in order to help fund my trip to Italy.  My trip had two main goals (not counting drinking and eating, but that’s quite another story!)  The first was to study with egg tempera master Fred Wessel, and the second was to try out my idea of plein air printmaking.  Not the actual printing part, but the idea of drawing my travel sketches directly on polymer litho plates.

My reasoning for drawing right on the plates was so that I could capture the freshness of sketches done on site, rather than trying to translate them afterwards and then losing the immediacy in the translation.  I did a number of test plates before I left to make sure the drawing materials I chose to work with would indeed work.  My goal was to come home with at least 20 plates that I felt were good, and so I left with about 40 some.  In the end I completed 35 plates, of which approximately 28 -30 I was very pleased with.  They are small plates, about 4.5″ x 6.5″ and fit in a little notebook that I made to hold them, each separated by a page, with folding flaps to keep them from falling out.  (I will include photos of these in a future post.)

I also did a little experiment with silverpoint on the litho plates to see if that would hold ink.  I am sorry to say that experiment was a complete failure, which is disappointing, as silverpoint drawing can give you great subtlety, which ink can not.  I guess that is the nature of both printmaking and experimentation.  Not everything works out.

I spent the last couple of days sorting out plates, tearing paper and getting ready to print.  I am going to print the first plate today, and I hope it goes well.  Then I need to clean out the technical pens that I took on my trip, as at least one of them clogged up on the trip.

Pictures of Italy and prints and stories to follow.

Porta Nove //Monoprint//Anne Belov // all rights reserved

Also, my exhibition at the Rob Schouten Gallery in Greenbank WA opens in a couple of weeks.  Hope to see you there.



3 thoughts on “Back in town and ready to print!

    • Thanks Tammi,
      I just started printing the plates I drew while in Italy, and while they are simple black and white sketches, they are turning out great. Of course I also took tones of pictures that will inspire work that I will be doing for the next couple of years.

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