Hey! here I am again!

I have been quite reprehensibly negligent on posting here.  Let’s face it, panda satire as practiced on The Panda Chronicles is just so much more fun!  And, of course, I have my Kickstarter campaign to publish the first collection of the cartoons in progress even as we speak!

But just as importantly, I have a show opening this coming Friday evening in Anacortes WA at the Scott Milo Gallery.  I call this show, “Close to Home” because the paintings depict where I live, and places that give me a feeling of home.

Where You’ll Find Me, Now // Anne Belov // all rights reserved, 2012

This painting is a view of my living room/office, and I love sitting here, to drink my coffee in the morning, or read in the evening.  My paintings are about my life…where I live, work in the garden, sit in a comfortable chair to read.

If you are in the Anacortes area this month, I hope you’ll drop by the Scott Milo Gallery.

And, if you want to know about the Panda Chronicles project, drop by my Kickstarter project.



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