The Power of Yes…..

Recently, I have made the acquaintance, at least a “virtual” acquaintance, of a number of   talented writers. Through a series of thises, thats, and the others, I was involved in the launch of Dana Sitar’s new book, The Writer’s Bucket List.

One of the thing that struck me during this process was the willingness among all the people  involved in the launch to endorse Dana and help to promote her work, making launch week a big success.  Huzzah! Besides the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping a talented, hardworking writer get a project off to a good start, I’ve gained someone who I can occasionally call on to be a sounding board and am now part of a community of writers that are a valuable resource for my fledgling writing career.

As From Above //Oil on panel // Anne Belov // all rights reserved

As From Above //Oil on panel // Anne Belov // all rights reserved

So now that I’m in endorsement mode, I’d like to endorse the Kickstarter project of some friends of mine, who are also members of the community of artists who have gravitated to Whidbey Island.  Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood formed their company Cook on Clay about two years ago, although their combined careers in art and clay total more than 50 years.  This project is in order to help fund an new kiln, which they desperately need in order to make their business sustainable. Their cookware is beautiful as well as functional, and I’m pretty sure that I will be a MUCH better cook when I use it.  Check them out here.

Because I said yes to helping Dana with her book launch, and yes to supporting Maryon and Robbie’s project, my life feels richer. A lot of people said yes to supporting my Kickstarter projects and many unexpected riches have come my way:  validation for my work, a new community of people who love panda satire and bought my book, new eyes for my paintings and printmaking, and yes, even a bit of actual money, (though not so much that I am fiscally rich or even solvent at the moment, but that is not the point here.)

It’s true that sometimes we have to say no, to avoid being sucked down into life’s undertow, but think about saying yes to some things that bring you pleasure. I think you’ll be glad you did.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Yes…..

  1. Glad you said YES, Anne! What a great post. It’s actually scary sometimes to say yes to those things — whether because you feel too busy, or you’re scared because you’ve never done anything like it — but you’re so right about how much it will enrich your life. Thanks for the SO 🙂

    • Thanks Dana…It’s been a great experience for me. Like many things, I don’t know exactly where this will lead, but my gut told me to say yes, and I’m glad I did! (and someday, I’ll ask YOU a favor. 🙂 ) The indie writing sites that you’ve shared are going to help me in my writing and cartooning addition to my current art empire.

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