Forgeries @ Froggwell is only 4 weeks away!

Here’s an update with news of my upcoming shows!


I can hear the timer ticking down the days to this years forgery extravaganza! Of course, in my usual fashion, I decided to do a painting for the show that is

A. In egg tempera (a very time consuming medium) and,

B. More than 5x larger than any other egg tempera painting I have done to date.

What was I thinking?

Meanwhile, this Friday I open a show at The Rob Schouten Gallery in Greenbank, with other Island superstars, Rob Schouten, Pete Jordan, and Sharon Spencer.  Rob and Sharon will also be exhibiting at this year’s forgery show.  Here’ are three of the paintings I will be showing at Rob Schouten Gallery this week:

I do like a little bit of red in a painting, don’t you?

Meanwhile, several of the artists showing at this year’s show at Froggwell are already done with their work (what a bunch of…

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