Impressions of an Exhibition: John Singer Sargent Watercolors

I admit it. I am an absolute Sargent fanatic.  if I could paint like anyone, it would most likely be Sargent. Or, maybe Vermeer, but I digress.

No one, but no one, can paint “white” like Sargent can, though lord knows I try.

still life, oil painting, tree peony

The Rites of Spring//oil on linen// Anne Belov

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts  is hosting this show, with a large group of watercolors from both their private collection as well as that of the Brooklyn Art Museum.  These paintings were bought in a single purchase directly from Sargent, back in the early 20th century.  Should you find yourself in Boston, in the next couple of months, I would suggest you make your way to the MFA to see the show.

And if you are listening to one of those infernal “here are the highlights of the show and this is what you should be looking at” exhibition guides which are now on your iphone, either look at the actual damn painting or step back while you are staring rapturously at your iphone, so I can look at the actual painting.  ‘kay?  These highly advertised shows are often crowded and if you are going to get into a big conversation about your grandchildren, don’t do it while standing in front of a painting. Just sayin’.

I should note, that up on the second floor of the museum, Sargent’s masterpiece, “The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit” waits for you, and with hardly any crowds around it.  I had it to myself for 15 minutes..

Sheer bliss.


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