A Personality Of Pandas

Huzzah! please read this marvelous post my my compatriot in pandamonium, and co-author of the upcoming as soon-as-we-can-get-to-it collaboration, The Panda Chronicles Cuppycake Cookbook: Favorite recipes of the Panda Kindergarten.


1988 was a pivotal year for me; I started university, met my long term partner Paul and the Giant Pandas Fei Fei and Xiao Xiao toured Australia. We went to see them at Melbourne Zoo because they are Paul’s favourite animal. The one stuffed toy that Paul has kept since childhood is a bedraggled panda. He has always loved this very special black and white bear. I would also come to love them but in a most unusual way.

panda ball panda ball

Into The Darkness
2000 was another pivotal year for me. I graduated from university and promptly caught a flu that would plague me for years and would almost destroy my mind, body and soul. After years of antibiotics and no respite from the flu I contracted Post Viral Syndrome – PVS (a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Not much is known about PVS, in fact doctors didn’t diagnose me…

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4 thoughts on “A Personality Of Pandas

  1. Thank you for your support and for re-blogging.
    It was one of the more personal things I have written and was quite emotional to do.
    Your pandas have brought so much light and happiness into my world.
    It is an honour and a privilege to be working with such a talented artist as you Anne 🙂
    I am looking forward to your guest blog next week!!

    • Your post was very moving, which always tells me that something comes from a very personal place, and those are always the hardest to write. You got started on your panda journey earlier than I did, but they both developed from a time in our lives that were very difficult.
      I think dealing with health issues must be one of the hardest things to face, particularly if you spent your life being healthy and active previous to illness. I used to think that a house fire was the worst thing that could happen to a person, even if no one died. Having gone through a fire of my own, I realized that it was only “stuff” (and a bit of time) that was lost. Severe illness still terrifies the hell out of me, and while I wouldn’t want to go through another fire, I can say that it could have been a lot worse than it was.
      But pandas! Pandas are magnificent, and in the face of extinction, they are still silly, friendly, and enchanting. You hardly ever see pandas sitting around complaining about their lot in life.

      • We have a lot of bush fires in Australia and it always amazes me how well people cope. As long as no-one or no animals have died most say it’s just stuff and they can rebuild. It would still be a devastating experience. I’m glad you survived your fire and are surrounded by your own beautiful works of art, pandas and the adorable Mehitabel.
        Illness is a scary thing! Again, I see people cope and thrive with incredible illnesses. But I hope never to be that sick again!!
        It’s great that we both discovered pandas when we needed them most.
        And what a wonderful journey they are taking us on!

      • I hope you are never that sick again too. As you say, having survived a fire, you realize that “things” can be replaced. So now, devastating illness is the thing that scares me the most.

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