A new year, and new resolutions…

…to break, or not to break.

I just wanted to let you know I am doing a little housekeeping around here. I have changed this site to more of a gallery website, as opposed to a blog where I would (in theory) post regularly, insightful and engaging content (huzzah!) because let’s face it. talking about painting is about as interesting as…um…watching paint dry.

Not that I won’t be posting at all, just that I will only write a post when I actually have something to say. (And isn’t that refreshing?) I am also splitting off my children’s book illustration work to a new website/blog, that does not yet exist. I am starting to work on some new projects post Pandamorphosis and I think it will be less confusing to various interest groups (Not to mention me) if they have their own corners of the room, so to speak.

As soon as I get the new site set up and decorated, the illustration page will disappear from here, and move over there. Trust me, I’ll let you know when that happens.  Most of the time you can find me playing with the panda kindergarten, (because…um…pandas!)

At this time, I’m not prepared to set up any sort of commerce or sales site here, but if you are interested in acquiring any of my work, I urge you to visit The Rob Schouten Gallery, where, Rob, Victory or Patricia will be more than happy to assist you in bringing art into your life and home. You can find them here.

Till next time….

Other Rooms; Oil on Linen/ (c) Anne Belov

Other Rooms; Oil on Linen/ (c) Anne Belov


11 thoughts on “A new year, and new resolutions…

  1. Hi Anne – I just love this painting – just love your style on these …….so very much – I do hope we will meet again sometime. Best to you – margaret


  2. As soon as my ship comes in, I’m going to buy a whole bunch of your paintings. Your prices are very reasonable – actually, I think you should charge a whole lot more (in my humble, non-art-world opinion).

  3. Hi Panda in chief – visiting from the JR blog… This work is really magnificent. Love the ‘nothing overlooked’ painting especially. I can just feel the satisfaction of having the kitchen in order at the end of the day, a very quiet, peaceful feeling captured precisely! I love to paint but haven’t in a long time… this is making me want to get it out again 🙂

    • I just tried to write a reply, but my ipad was trying to tell me that it is time to go to sleep! Anyway, thank you again for your kind words. I love hanging out with all the Reiders. By all means get your paints out and sling some paint around. Everything we do to exercise our creative work influences everything else. See you around the Carkoonian fields!

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