About: The Ordinary Illuminated

What I do:
I am a painter by training, surviving seven years of secondary art education, with aesthetics intact.
I love the obscure and the antiquated. Currently, I work in egg tempera with oil glazes, on
hand-made gesso panels or on linen covered panels.  My frames are hand-finished, some
with metal leaf finishes, usually hand textured.

Considering Vermeer //Egg Tempera & Oil on panel //Anne Belov (c) 2014

Considering Vermeer //Egg Tempera & Oil on panel //Anne Belov (c) 2014

A few years ago, I decided to turn my love of story, and my experience in realistic painting
to illustrating stories for children of all ages. I published my first wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis, in 2014. I have several new projects in the works.

I also have a love of humor, comics, and pandas, not necessarily in that order. I publish my panda satire comics on my blog The Panda Chronicles, as well as in five (and counting) print collections of the cartoons.

Pandamorphosis: A wordless picture book //(c) Anne Belov all rights resreved

Pandamorphosis: A wordless picture book //(c) Anne Belov all rights reserved

What I believe:
That we have a  need for beauty, that it makes our lives better and happier.  We need laughter and stories, and we need to make them part of our everyday lives. We need to follow our passions and stand fast in our creative pursuits. Having spent over four decades in honing my skills as a painter and draftsperson, I have no wish to throw that away to follow the latest trend.

Worth a Thousand Words:
While my training and work till now has been in the visual arts, I have been working on writing, in my comics, on blog posts for my own blogs and as a guest poster around the internet. It’s a new creative outlet, and I am enjoying it immensely. I am working on a graphic novel starring Inspector Panda.

After receiving a BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art, Anne Belov moved west and, since she didn’t learn everything the first time, went to art school again, receiving an MFA in painting from the University of Washington.   A militant realist painter, she refuses to believe all the rumors that painting is dead. She now makes her home on Whidbey Island.  There are, to her knowledge, no pandas in her backyard. Her main regret in life is that there is no MacArthur Foundation Grant awarded in the field of panda satire.

In the studio....

In the studio….





12 thoughts on “About: The Ordinary Illuminated

  1. Hi Anne,
    I love your work! I found you while investigating tabletop etching press possibilities. I am considering getting myself a tabletop press and was looking at the Conrad possibility when I stumbled upon the mini halfwood. I am a “hobby printmaker”. Is the mini halfwood your only press? If you could only have one press, which would you recommend? If you get this, I appreciate your input!

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  3. A friend just introduced me to your wonderful art. It’s inspiring to see the work and read about folks who have the courage to be their creative selves!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I think that one of the reasons I have pursued my creative passions so completely is that I am completely unemployable. But seriously, in order to be as good as I wanted to be, it meant it had to be a full time endeavor.

    • You’re welcome! Now I have to go back to yours to remember what it is about, being of feeble mind, which is too full of 70’s rock lyrics to remember much of anything these days. I think I remembered that I liked it. :o)

    • Oh yes, now I recall (OK, I didn’t recall, I went back to your blog to read your post.) Thank you for an extremely well thought out and very reasonable point of view on this whole Amazon vs Hachette thing. Everyone that is jumping up and down and yelling (present company excluded) about XX is totally evil or YY is ripping off their authors, forgets that neither of them is completely good or bad.

      As writers/cartoonists/painters we need to be in it for us first, and if a relationship with a publisher or gallery can be mutually beneficial, then huzzah! Everyone wins. I’ve been in galleries and I have sold work on my own. I hope someday a publisher sees fit to publish my work with a nice fat advance check. But till then, I am satisfied that my self published work has found a small, but growing audience. (You can see my decidedly non-fine art comics etc. at http://yourbrainonpandas.com)

      Thank you for your kind words about my work.

  4. There maybe, I am often wrong, a misspelling of the word reserved, under the cover of Pandamorphosis. Have a lovely day.

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