Where nothing is too small to be overlooked…

Nothing Overlooked; Oil on Linen; 36″x48″

Welcome to my world.

Through my long career as a painter, a sense of place or interesting light on interesting objects was enough for me to decide to choose a subject.

Making paintings that represent the real world has engaged me from the beginning of my creative journey.  Realism is not about reporting. It is about creating a believable fiction, which tells a story and engages the viewer.

Most of my paintings are oil on linen, although I do paint on other surfaces, such as paper and gessoed panels.  Oil paint has tremendous depth and luminosity, which particularly suits my subject matter.  Last year I went to Italy to study egg tempera with Fred Wessel, a modern master of the medium.  Since then I have been combining egg tempera and oils in the same painting.

To See an image enlarged, click on the image.

Afternoon on the Loggia //oil on linen// Anne Belov // all rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Where nothing is too small to be overlooked…

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  2. Your work is amazing! I really like Limone #2. The crinkles in the paper are so real. The fruit good enough to eat. You do drapery extremely well–something in my dabbling I just can’t seem to get the hang of. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gail

    • Limone #2 is one of my faves as well. I painted it in a real etruscan basement in Cortona a few years ago. I really love working in Egg tempera. Cloth and crinkled paper are among my favorite things to work on.

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