Painting in Progress: Exuberance

I’m starting this painting by showing a little of the drawing underneath the underpainting.  As I am painting this on a clayboard panel, rather than a linen covered panel, I am doing a single color underpainting using egg tempera.  Changing the rules again!  I will be working on a number of painting all at once (sort of) so posts may be a little slower.

As you can see, I’ve finished the underpainting and put a layer of color on the surface.  Now that I’m done with my various shows for a little while, I’ll be working on this one for the next show. I will also be doing a one day workshop with Cary Jurrians at the Whidbey fine art studio on making your own linen panels with Rabbit Skin Glue. Check out their website.

Ok so apparently I cheated and forgot to photograph the piece a couple of days.  But, it’s not done yet!

I’ve been working on the cloth and all the various objects, slowly building up the layers.   I still refer a-lot to my reference photo but soon, I’ll stop looking at my source material and start msking decisions based on what the painting needs.

I’m getting very close to finished here. I’ve lightened the shadows on the cloth quite a bit since I started, and I like it a lot more. While the cloth is important, I don’t want it to detract from the major drama going on, of the flowers.

I am pretty close to done here. I have a bit more work to do on the flowers, but all the inanimate objects are done, as is the cloth (other than a little tweaking at the end here and there.)  The reds are on the cool side and I’ve decided to jack some of them up a bit… there’s a reason we pay premium for good cadmium red! I’ll have the final painting up in a few days.


4 thoughts on “Painting in Progress: Exuberance

  1. Have I missed your rabbit skin sized linen panel I enjoy the brushwork of your underpainting…. Do you ever feel some of that fresh, spontaneous work gets buried under an avalanche of thoughtful strokes later? I worry about that all the time in my oil painting work… still hoping we can get together in Guanajuato

  2. I just saw your Botticelli’s Daughter at the Frogwell Garden exhibit and “beelined across the room” myself only to find it was not for sale! If you do anything similar in the future, please contact me!

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