Gallery : Illustrations

Welcome to the illustration gallery page. Here you’ll find things I’m working on in my quest to add children’s book illustration to my art empire.  Having worked from life or photographic references all my life, it is a tremendous challenge to “make stuff up.”  Actually, I’m getting the hang of it and it’s really a lot of fun.  My main project right now is the wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis.  Take one jealous cat, add some pandas and mix with some magical moonlight, and see what you get…..


2 thoughts on “Gallery : Illustrations

  1. Have you illustrated children’s books before? These are awesome. I have an idea for a children’s book…the storyline, anyway, from a camping incident in my childhood. It is one of my goals to have it published someday. Gail

    • I have had an interest in Children’s books for a while. I am on the verge of publishing my wordless picture book, Pandamorphosis. It is an extravaganza of pandas. I am very excited by it. It pulls together my fine art experience, my love of pandas and a little magic. Stay tuned here or at the Panda Chronicles to stay up on the news about it’s release.

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