New Year 2015 – Ready or not, here it comes!

I too have not formed my plan for the upcoming year, but I am not going into the new year plan-less. A brave post from one of my bravest friends.


The Winter Solstice has passed, promising a gentle walk toward Spring.

Hanukkah has ended with the flicker of the lit candles and warmth of family.

Christmas has passed leaving tons of wrapping paper and memories in its wake.

The winter holidays of “Happy Holidays” are coming and going, colliding and passing.

It is the tender time as this year draws to a close and the New Year looms on the horizon.

Soon people will make their resolutions, put down their cigarettes and candy bars and pick up weights and tennis shoes (and kale, don’t forget the kale!).
Kale! The superfood! Kale! The superfood!

They will promise to eat healthier, more local, more home prepared meals.

People will resolve to be more patient, more kind, more generous, more conscientious.

They will vow to improve their savings or decrease their debt.

The fabrications they weave will all begin with the best of intentions.

This year…

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